Reverse Engineering Service

Reverse Engineering

We have considerable experience in Reverse Engineering. Projects ranging from Defence through to Formula 1 medical equipment sector have given us a broad understanding of the potential pitfalls that can be experienced. We can convert your scan our scan your part for you and reverse engineer it .

Why Choose Our Service?

We have considerable experience in Reverse Engineering and work closely with a number of manufacturers ranging from Advanced 3d printers through to 5 axis machinists. We work with you and strive to achieve the goals you have for your project.

Expert People

Our Team will always endevour to advise and point you in the correct direction based on your requirements.

Quality Work

The fact we get many repeat customers is a perfect endorsement for us to know that the quality of our work is excellant.

If we scan your part then the chances are that we will be completing the Reverse Engineering part of the project, however if your part has been 3D scanned by a third party we are happy to pick up the third party scan and complete the Reverse Engineering part of the project. We will also include a complete Deviation report to show the tolerance between the scan and the CAD model.