3D Scanning Service

Our Professional & Expert Team

We have been a 3D Scanning service provider for approx 10 years. Our initial scanner was a tripod based white light scanner. Since then we have added two further scanners to our equipment portfolio. These being the Creaform Colour GOSCAN 20 and the new AltairScan Elite blue laser scanner from ZG Technology Ltd.
This gives us total flexibility and to our clients whether it be onsite or off site 3D scanning they require. Our Scanning technicians will strive to provide impartial honest opinion as to whether you project is suitable for 3D Scanning and if so which process is most suitable.

Why Choose Our Service?

Our 3D Scanning Technicians will always give you their honest opinion. It may not be what you want to hear but it will be our honest opinion based on what we see. We can support your project from 3D Scanning through to manufacturing if that is what you require. Our Reverse Engineering experts have vast experience enabling us to provide a one stop solution if that's what you require.

Expert People

In order to make your project a success, our team always strive to provide you with the best solution possible.

Quality Work

Our work speaks for itself, and if your happy with it please tell others.....if not, please tell us.

Our Service is pretty straightforward. You simply send your enquiry through our website. Once you receive confirmation from us we will ask you to send as much information including images to support our ability to provide you with a quote. Remember clean/prepare the part for scanning so we advise to prepare that part as much as possible if the part is dirty, in poor condition then this will increase the cost.

1973 Opel Bonnet ScanOuter Skin
1973 Opel Bonnet Scan Outer & Inner Skin Combined

There are a number of steps that can be taken to ensure your part is suitably ready for scanning. This will also help avoid additional costs due to part preparation by us.  If the part is made of perishable material, ie not a steel/aluminium then always take precaution when using abrasive cleaners/materials as this can harm/damage your parts permanently.