PhotoShot – 3D Photogrammetry System

PhotoShot ™ is a portable measuring equipment to large space within 1-20 meters. Measuring 0.025 mm/m always maintain high precision in large space coordinate measurement and scanning. Has been widely used in global positioning . Features: smart, portable, truly high accuracy.


AS the portable large space measuring equipment, PhotoShotTM always retains the ultrahigh measuring accuracy of 0.025 mm/m within the measuring range of 1-20m and is a good choice for Product Quality Department to conduct coordinate measurement and analysis of large size. Based on the powerful software calculation capacity, PhotoShotTM measuring system is compatible with main digital cameras on the market and can be used for on-site geometrical measurement of workshop in the simplest and most portable manner, greatly reducing the enterprise equipment costs and operators’ new measuring equipment study time. In addition,with incomparable stability, PhotoShot system effectively avoids technicians’ errors, reduces rework time and further enhances the enterprise efficiency.


  • High Accuracy
  • Portable


Application Areas:

  • Aerospace
  • Testing
  • Clamp Testing
  • Large Castings
  • Steel Structure Testing
  • Strain Analysis
  • Positioning & Coordination Analysis g