How many times have we been given a drawing and thought, “how the hell did anyone make that?

The fact is that decades gone by, Engineers & manufacturers didn’t have the luxury of 3D cad modelling and very few isometric views as we do today.

This has in some respects reprogrammed us to automatically expect this type of indirect support. However, in some Reverse Engineering projects it’s like stepping back in time because we are supplied with drawings that have no legacy part availability and as one client recently replied to us asking if there are any of these parts available………….Sorry, if you want any they are at the bottom of the sea.

For obvious reasons these projects take the longest to complete. So how can you reduce costs on this type of project?

Start by looking at your requirement.

  • Think about where it has been used in the past. Was it a commercial part, if so, are there any brochures with images of the part?
  • Are there any parts which are in pieces which could be put together even in a fashion and photographed?

Any assistance in helping the Engineer interpret the drawing will help keep down your Reverse Engineering costs.